Our Mission is to provide actionable decision support to clinicians for the personalized management of patients with complex chronic disease. ARIEL’S Smart-MD™ platform integrates a patient’s symptoms and genetics with complex medical information – intended to enable screening, diagnosis and monitoring of disease progression.

We are working with clinical thought leaders from top academic and pancreatic Centers of Excellence in the US to validate our first test, PancreasDx® , in a study of the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases with some of their most difficult patients .

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"I grew up with pancreatitis episodes from the age of two through high school. There was no diagnosis. After several upper and lower GI tests that showed nothing, it was determined it was psychological. I remember many nights being rocked by my mother and father. They must have been so confused and torn. My pain was horrible. I remember being in the hospital writhing in pain but no pain medicine given."

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