Pancreatitis: Facts and Fiction

Pancreatitis: Facts & Fiction Webinar

Pancreatitis can be a long-lasting condition where the health of the pancreas worsens over time. In our April 2020 webinar, Pancreatitis: Facts & Fiction, we review some of the common misperceptions about this complex condition. This presentation is led by world-renowned pancreas expert and Ariel Co-Founder, Dr. David Whitcomb and Dr. Mark Haupt. Do You […]

Ariel Precision Medicine Expands Executive Team with Appointment of Dr. David C. Whitcomb as Chief Scientific Officer

Ariel Precision Medicine Expands Executive Team with Appointment of Dr. David C. Whitcomb as Chief Scientific Officer

Ariel Precision Medicine, Inc., has appointed Professor David C. Whitcomb, M.D. Ph.D. as chief scientific officer (CSO). Professor Whitcomb is a pioneer in the use of mathematics, genetics, genomics, cell biology, neurosciences, immunology and epidemiology to study complex inflammatory disorders and cancer risks of the digestive system. He co-founded Ariel Precision Medicine along with Jessica […]

The Link Between Diabetes and Pancreatitis


Correlation and causation of both diabetes and pancreatitis have stumped medical professionals for decades. These two seemingly similar conditions can be unpredictable in how they affect the body and interact with one another. Yet, countless studies and statistics show a relationship between diabetes and pancreatitis. And now, with the help of genetic testing, we’re closer […]

How Genetics Can Contribute to Pancreatitis

Every year, more than 300,000 Americans are diagnosed with acute or chronic pancreatitis. Did you know that many complex, chronic disorders such as pancreatitis, don’t have a single cause, and in many cases are un-explained? While most severe cases of pancreatitis are due to gallstones or alcohol abuse, sometimes genetics and other unknown factors are to […]

How Can Genetic Testing Help My Patients?

Ariel Precision Medicine patient and doctor

  Are you leveraging the power of genetic testing to help diagnose and treat your patients? If not, now is the time to start. In recent years, usage of genetics in healthcare — particularly in diagnosing and predicting disease — has exploded. Genome sequencing can help physicians identify a variety of hard-to-diagnose conditions, such as […]

What Causes Pediatric Pancreatitis?

pediatric pancreatitis

When a child experiences fever, nausea, vomiting and persistent stomach pains, most parents and doctors chalk it up to a 24-hour bug. But there’s another issue that causes remarkably similar symptoms, and it’s often overlooked: pediatric pancreatitis. Pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas, is not commonly considered in children with GI symptoms — primarily because […]

Patient Story: How Ariel Helped Amanda Get the Treatment She Needed

Amanda Baerwaldt first knew something was wrong when she began experiencing stomach virus symptoms. But unlike a stomach virus, her symptoms kept returning every two to six weeks. In an attempt to feel better, she changed her diet and became more physically active, but she kept experiencing debilitating symptoms.