What is Pancreas Divisum?

Pancreas in human body

Table of Contents Introduction Pancreas divisum is a common anatomical anomaly that occurs in ~4-14% of the general population [1]. It arises during development when two precursors of the pancreas do not fuse together properly. The developing pancreas contains two pancreatic ducts or tubes called the dorsal duct and the ventral duct. These ducts fuse […]

DNA, Genes, & Chromosomes


Table of Contents Introduction Learning about human genetics can seem to be a daunting task. However, by breaking down the information into smaller pieces, we can make sense of it! Biological life is built upon four major classes of molecules that exist in all of the cells of your body: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and nucleic […]

What is a Polygenic Risk Score?

What is a Polygenic Risk Score?

Table of Contents What is a Polygenic Risk Score (PRS)? If you or someone you know is considering genetic testing, you may encounter some new and unfamiliar terms. Most genetic tests ordered through a healthcare provider look for rare, or uncommon changes in your DNA (genetic variants) that may cause single-gene diseases. However, most diseases, […]

What is the Difference Between Hereditary Pancreatitis and Familial Pancreatitis?


Table of Contents Introduction Pancreatitis is a complex condition with multiple potential causes. When pancreatitis occurs in multiple closely related individuals, it warrants further investigation, which may include genetic counseling and/or genetic testing. The diagnosis of hereditary or familial pancreatitis should include the collection of a 3-generation family history and evaluation for other causes of […]

What Is A Clinical Trial?


Table of Contents What is a Clinical Trial? In the United States, the Food & Drug Administration, or FDA, sets the guidelines and regulations surrounding clinical trials. Clinical trials are used to test the safety and efficacy of new treatment options, including drugs, behavioral modifications, diets, and medical devices [1]. Once approved, a therapy can […]

Drug-Induced Acute Pancreatitis

Prescription Medicine

Introduction Drugs are an important element of modern medical care and can be subdivided into over the counter (OTC) drugs and prescription drugs. OTC drugs, as the name suggests, are available at pharmacies and many convenience stores to purchase without a prescription. Sometimes, an acute pancreatitis attack can be the direct result of a new […]

You’ve Received A Pancreatitis Diagnosis, Now What?

Question and Answer Word Bubbles

  If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with pancreatitis, you may feel a bit lost, scared, or confused. If the diagnosis was unexpected, you may be wondering how a pancreatitis diagnosis might change your daily routines going forward. As there are many forms of pancreatitis, your case may present its own […]

Pancreatitis & Pain

Patient with pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is a complex medical condition that manifests itself differently in each patient. While some patients experience no pain, the most common symptom of pancreatitis is pain in the upper abdomen [1], that may radiate to the back. This pain can range widely in severity and duration. Mild cases of pancreatitis may resolve on their […]

Participating in Research

Research Participation

  What is scientific research and why is it important?   Scientific research, in the context of medicine, acts as the foundation for many therapies, techniques, and policies that exist today.  At its core, each research study aims to answer a question. This main question is also known as the hypothesis of the research study.  […]