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How to Get Tested with PancreasDx®


Ask Your Doctor to Order the Test

PancreasDx® is ordered by your doctor. After the order is placed, you will receive a welcome email that invites you to register your account in the patient portal.


Create an Account

Once you receive your email invitation, log in to complete your account registration, consent to testing and provide your health information. Your health profile is an important component of your DNA analysis and helps the Ariel team — and your healthcare team — better understand your symptoms and diagnosis.


View Your Results

After your test is complete, log in to your account, view the results after they’re released from your doctor and update your health profile.


You can rest easy knowing your information is secure. Any Protected Health Information you provide via the patient portal is used in accordance with HIPAA and applicable federal and state laws governing patient privacy.

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Take the First Steps Today. Talk to Your Doctor About How PancreasDx® Can Help You Understand Your Pancreatitis.

Get the information you and your care team need to diagnose, monitor and treat pancreatitis. Information from your PancreasDx® report gives you a more comprehensive view of disease trajectory and precise therapeutic options.


Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. The pancreas is an organ located behind your stomach that helps digest food and keeps your blood sugar levels normal. Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas that leads to severe pain and other disabling problems.

The disease has several different causes that can include your genetics, gallstones, high levels of fat in the blood and things you are exposed to from the environment, including medications, alcohol and smoking. These different causes sometimes need very different treatments. PancreasDx® can help you understand which causes are the likely reason for your pancreatitis. This can help doctors choose the best approach to your medical care, including treatment options, and help predict possible complications.

PancreasDx® uses information from genetic testing, your health records, and environmental exposures to provide a personalized guide for your care. Our goal is to minimize disease effects and maximize health and quality of life. Since you share genetics with your family, our genetic test results can also help you understand the risk of pancreatitis for your relatives.

PancreasDx® is ordered by your doctor or care provider. After the order is placed, you will receive an email invitation to register for access to Ariel’s patient portal. You will be asked to complete your account registration and consent to testing and standard billing processes with your insurance. Once this important step is complete, you have the opportunity to answer some questions about your symptoms, your health history and whether anyone else in your family has similar symptoms. The information you provide is important and will improve the results you receive from PancreasDx®. Your Ariel health profile can be updated at any time. Changes in your health history may change the interpretation of your genetic results. Ariel also provides access to trained genetic counselor who can help you understand the test, the need for the test, and what it means for you and your family.

Once your account is registered, Ariel will contact your insurance to discuss your specific plan benefits and any potential out of pocket expenses. At the same time, Ariel will ship a DNA collection kit to your home for sample collection. Inside the kit, you will find instructions and everything you need for collecting and returning the sample. Our painless collection process uses DNA from your cheek cells inside your mouth and saliva for genetic analysis. Ariel includes a pre-paid padded envelope for you to return your sample directly through the mail.

Within 2-4 weeks of your sample arriving at our lab, your doctor will receive your PancreasDx® report and be able to share it with you, in person or through the secure Ariel website. Log in to see your results and access tools for help, questions or for more information. Genetic counseling services are available and accessible through your patient dashboard if they are not provided through your doctor’s clinic or hospital.

Anyone who has had an attack of acute pancreatitis, especially if they have had more than one attack. In addition, anyone who has signs or symptoms of pancreatic disease such as abdominal pain after eating, chronic diarrhea, abnormal findings on a CT or MRI scan, or an abnormal laboratory test linked to the pancreas. An early evaluation may possibly prevent lengthy and costly evaluations, delayed diagnosis and more complications.

PancreasDx® uses some of the highest quality genetic testing technology on the market, and our laboratory is CLIA-certified. PancreasDx® reports are developed by leading researchers and physicians in the field of pancreatic disease.

For extra help with the PancreasDx® report, Ariel offers genetic counseling services. Genetic counselors are trained healthcare professionals who can help interpret genetic tests and provide supportive counseling and education.

The security of your medical and genetic information is our priority. Ariel’s online portal meets or exceeds the highest regulations for health information privacy and security.

PancreasDx® tests genes that are related to chronic pancreatitis, including CASR, CEL, CFTR, CLDN2, CPA1, CTRC, GGT1, PRSS1-2, PRSS3, SBDS, SLC26A9, SPINK1 and UBR1.

If appropriate, your clinician can order two additional gene panels: one related to how your body handles fats and cholesterol in your blood that leads to an increased genetic risk of pancreatitis and one that may identify how you may respond to pain medications:

  • ArielDx® Lipids is a panel of genes related to increased levels of fat in the blood. Some individuals have an
    inherited predisposition to these conditions, which is one of the causes of pancreatitis.
    • Genes tested include APOA5, APOB, APOC2, FABP4, LPL and PPARG.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to Ariel, Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM ET at (844) 692-7435 or via General information on pancreatic diseases is available through Ariel’s Partner, the National Pancreas Foundation.