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About Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is a personalized approach to your medical care that takes into account your genetics, lifestyle, and family and medical history. This approach allows your healthcare team to more accurately predict which treatments may work best for you. Precision medicine can help you navigate your health conditions by:

  • Recommending screenings before you have symptoms
    Precision medicine can screen for genetic susceptibility before you experience symptoms.
  • Personalizing your treatment
    Precision medicine allows your healthcare team to personalize your treatment. In some cases, targeted therapies may be available to you.
Precision Medicine

About Pancreatitis

Your pancreas makes enzymes that aid digestion. Pancreatitis happens when these enzymes become active inside the pancreas instead of becoming active in the small intestine. Pancreatitis is characterized by:

  • Inflammation
    The premature activation of the digestive enzymes inside the pancreas causes inflammation
  • Acute or chronic presentation
    Pancreatitis can be acute or chronic. Acute pancreatitis occurs suddenly, while chronic pancreatitis is a long-lasting condition, which causes the health of the pancreas to decline over time.


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