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Get started with pancreatitis testing to understand the likely causes of your disease.

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How to Get Tested with PancreasDx®


Ask Your Doctor to Order the Test

PancreasDx® is ordered by your doctor. After the order is placed, you will receive a welcome email that invites you to register your account in the patient portal.

Create an Account

Once you receive your email invitation, log in to complete your account registration, consent to testing and provide your health information. Your health profile is an important component of your DNA analysis and helps the Ariel team — and your healthcare team — better understand your symptoms and diagnosis.

View Your Results

After your test is complete, log in to your account, view the results after they’re released from your doctor and update your health profile.

Your Information is Secure

You can rest easy knowing your information is secure. Any Protected Health Information you provide via the patient portal is used in accordance with HIPAA and applicable federal and state laws governing patient privacy.

Take the first steps today. Talk to your doctor about how PancreasDx® can help you understand your pancreatitis.

Get the information you and your care team need to diagnose, monitor and treat pancreatitis. Information from your PancreasDx® report gives you a more comprehensive view of disease trajectory and precise therapeutic options.

What is PancreasDx®?

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Is my information protected?

Which genes does PancreasDx® test for?

What if I need additional testing?

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