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Advanced Genetic Testing with PancreasDx®

PancreasDx is a next-generation sequencing panel of 12 genes related to susceptibility to the different subtypes of chronic pancreatitis.

PancreasDx tests for predisposition to both Mendelian (monogenic) and complex (multifactorial) forms of disease. A minority of pancreatitis patients have a monogenic cause of disease. Therefore, testing for predisposing risk variants in addition to monogenic disease variants assures a complete picture of known genetic predisposition.

Genes Included in Panel

PancreasDx tests genes that are related to chronic pancreatitis, including CASR, CEL, CFTR, CLDN2, CPA1, CTRC, GGT1, PRSS1-2, PRSS3, SBDS, SLC26A9, SPINK1 and UBR1.

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