Next-generation sequencing panel
for pharmacogenomics

Advanced Genetics to Inform Medical Decisions

A person’s genetic variants can impact how they will respond to medications (pharmacogenomics, PGx). PGx data can help providers identify patients who are more likely to respond to a medication or a specific medication dose. It can also help patients and providers avoid adverse drug events that are associated with specific genetic variants.  


ArielDx® Pharmacogenomics is a clinical genetic test and interpretation service that incorporates pharmacogenomics data with FDA prescription drug labeling and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines from the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC). Our unique individualized approach provides informative and actionable pharmacogenomics data in an easy-to-interpret report and web service.

Insights for More Informed Drug Management Decisions

Data from 30 genes related to drug metabolism (pharmacokinetics) and action (pharmacodynamics) that can be added-on to any ArielDx® Pancreatitis order.

ArielDx Pharmacogenomics may be appropriate for anyone who is currently taking or will be taking a medication.


A total list of the drug+gene pairs that are reported in ArielDx Pharmacogenomics is available upon request.

Each Report Includes:

List of medicines where gene changes might alter clinical use (e.g. different dose, alternative medicine recommended, additional monitoring).

Drug-gene interactions supported by the FDA table of pharmacogenetic associations that might be
relevant for future prescriptions.

A list of all genes included in ArielDx® PGx and their associated haplotypes and defining genetic variants.

A curated list of references used in variant analysis and classification, when applicable, for an observed genetic variant.

Detailed list of references that providers can consult for additional information about medicine gene interactions.

Descriptions of the genes included in the ArielDx PGx panel.

Portable list of genetic findings that the patient can share with other members of their medical team, with QR code link to online report.

Detailed recommendations for medicines that might be affected by the patient’s genetic variants.
  • ArielDx Pharmacogenomics is an add-on panel and requires an order of the ArielDx Pancreatitis panel. 
  • ArielDx Pharmacogenomics is not available for all drugs and does not test for all known or future PGx associations.

Multi drug-gene pairs supported by FDA labeling and CPIC.

Additional tool for making informed management decisions.

More personalized treatment planning.

Request ArielDx Pharmacogenomics Sample Report

Patient specific

How Is This Ordered?

ArielDx Pharmacogenomics can be ordered as an add-on panel to ArielDx Pancreatitis. It is appropriate for anyone who is currently taking or will be taking a medication. 

What Kind of Technology is Used?

Ariel uses some of the highest quality next-generation sequencing on the market and our laboratory is CLIA-certified. 

How ArielDx Pharmacogenomics Benefits Providers


Targeted Therapeutics

 Genetic insight to better match the most appropriate medication and dosage to patients.


Actionable Reports

Curated clinical summary based on up-to-date literature and guidelines.

Ariel expertise
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Reduced Trial and Error
In Prescribing

Prescribe therapies with more confidence and less guesswork.

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Saves Valuable Time

Gain back time spent researching medications and risks.

How ArielDx Pharmacogenomics Benefits Patients

Personalized Care

Genetic insights to guide personalized care and  medication plan.

Minimize Side-Effects

Minimize potentially dangerous drug side-effects  contributed by genetics.

Save Money

Reduce costs of unnecessary and potentially ineffective medications.

Affordable Testing

Advanced genetic drug risk profile
at an affordable price.

Get Started With ArielDx® Pharmacogenomics

ArielDx Pharmacogenomics Frequently Asked Questions

ArielDx Pharmacogenomics is a clinician-ordered test and can only be ordered as an add-on to a new or existing ArielDx Pancreatitis order.

To begin, login to our online portal or create an account to place the order.

Once the order is placed, your patient will receive an email from Ariel inviting them to register online, sign test consent forms, complete payment information, access help resources, and complete his or her health profile.

A buccal swab kit will be mailed to your patient’s home. The patient will be provided with detailed collection instructions and how to return his or her DNA sample by mail.

Upon receipt of the DNA sample, completion of genetic testing and subsequent expert review of the findings, your patient’s test results will be released electronically through the secure Ariel portal.

  1. Log into your Ariel account.
  2. Select the appropriate patient from you dashboard or Patient tab.
  3. Once you are in the patient’s profile, select “Request Additional Analysis” on the right.
  4. Check the box next to ArielDx PGx and select “continue”.
  5. Authorize the order by checking the box and providing your signature. If you are submitting an order on behalf of an authorizing physician, his or her signature will be required before it can be processed. The authorizing provider will receive an email notification letting them know to complete this step.
  6. Results will be released electronically to your Ariel account.
  • Provide guidance before a new medication is prescribed.
  • Patient history of poor drug response.
  • Patient history of adverse drug reactions.
  • Patient prescribed multiple medications.
  • Family history of poor response to medications.
  • PGx testing is not available for all drugs.
  • ArielDx Pharmacogenomics does not test for all known or future PGx associations.
  • Current medications should not be changed based on PGx results without consulting with the prescriber.
  • ArielDx Pharmacogenomics can only be ordered as an add-on to a new or existing ArielDx Pancreatitis order.


A total list of the drug+gene pairs that are reported in ArielDx Pharmacogenomics is available upon request.

For add-on panels, Ariel offers a direct patient-pay price of $100 (per test) * to make testing more accessible for patients.

Patients can choose to go through their insurance. However, the patient should be made aware that most insurance plans do not cover add-on tests, like ArielDx Pharmacogenomics, and may result in out-of-pocket costs up to $1000.

Patients will be prompted to select their payment method during the registration process.

Please note: Add-on testing cannot be completed until payment has been resolved.

*The patient-pay price cannot be offered after a claim has been submitted to the insurance.

Patients that select the direct pay option will pay the full $100 upfront. Ariel accepts checks and all major credit cards. Payments can be made through the Ariel Patient Portal, by phone at 844-692-7435 or by mail.

Checks should be made payable to: Ariel Precision Medicine

Mailing Address:

Ariel Precision Medicine
Attn: Accounts Receivable
5750 Centre Ave, Suite 270
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
The direct-pay option does not allow Ariel to submit claims to insurance providers or apply patient assistance programs—this is how we are able to keep the patient-pay price so low.
Ariel upholds the highest security measures to help ensure any personal information remains safe. We do not store cardholder data (“CHD”) in any cases.
Ariel will be able to use sequence data from the previously collected samples. In instances in which the analysis is not possible, Ariel will send a new collection kit to the patient.

Yes. Ariel offers genetic counseling services for patients through an independent third-party genetic counseling provider over video or phone. Pre-test genetic counseling through a third-party is complimentary with every test, which clinicians can request with every order. A request for post-test genetic counseling can be made through the Ariel provider portal. At that time, the patient’s contact information and  ArielDx® Pancreatitis test results are provided to a third-party genetic counseling service. This third party service will contact the patient to discuss cost and scheduling. Additionally the patient can also request post-test counseling directly with the third party service.

Please tell your patient to expect an email from Ariel. Once you place an order in the secure portal, Ariel will send your patient an email with a link to Ariel’s secure patient portal to complete registration, consent forms, and payment information. If you are not using pre-test genetic counseling services, you will need to attest to having provided appropriate pre-test genetic counseling and the necessity of the testing. If the test is an add-on test, a similar procedure will be followed with the exception of the welcome email and registration process.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Ariel’s Customer Service department, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST at (844) 692-7435 or via

For new patient orders, the turnaround time for the test is approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the time the patient sample is received in our laboratory.

For patients that have previously had ArielDx Pancreatitis testing, the turnaround time for add-on panel results is 2-3 weeks from the time Ariel receives the additional order.