Therapeutic Development

Applying proprietary technology to accelerate the development of new therapeutics by genetically enriching disease targets.

Building a Pipeline for Complex Disease Therapeutics

Ariel Precision Medicine was created to improve the lives of patients suffering with complex chronic diseases, starting with pancreatitis, a disease for which there is currently no treatment. Ariel is now applying new technology to accelerate the development of novel treatments to address the significant unmet need in pancreatitis and other complex diseases.

Our advantage is both fueled and accelerated by ADVANCE®, a genetic segmentation platform, creating the ability to stratify patients into different disease sub-types and then model the appropriate mechanism of action of an effective therapy. 

Small Molecule APM-176

Pancreatitis and related pancreatic disorders affect over 6 million people and is poorly understood. There are no approved therapeutics for the treatment of pancreatitis — only treatments for symptoms.

We have created a bold new approach to understanding and mapping out a variety of causes of pancreatitis to find new treatments. 

The first development in our pipeline is APM-176, a phase 2 ready small molecule positioned to be the first treatment for pancreatitis. It is in a class of compounds that have been shown to target a defective protein that results in pancreatitis.

APM-176 is our lead asset in a developing pipeline of next-generation therapeutics rooted in a deep understanding of disease biology to enable new ways of targeting the drivers of disease.


Advancing Novel Therapeutics That Target Disease Drivers, Not Just Symptoms.

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